Nua Living

Creating communities that cooperate, are sustainable, self-sufficient and have essential services available.
Our aim with Nua Living is to create communities that are united, diverse and that really cooperate and help each other. As well as this, we want communities to be sustainable, to be based on a micro economy model and to be self-sufficent. 

Our services

From a small theatre to fitness rooms, Nua Living offers an enormous range of in-house services. This are our services:

The future of living

From small buildings to a village.

As well as small buildings and large ones, we see the future of living and communities as small cities and villages inside existing ones. We are still working on this feature, we think is gonna be fantastical.

Nua Away: an ecosystem of colivings around the world.

We love the idea of traveling and discovering new places. When you are away, we want you to feel like home, so we would like to have several colivings around the world which you can book rooms from and spent some nights.